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n.1.(Bot.) See Okra.
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This guide outlines the application of the OCRA (Occupational Repetitive Actions) system to the analysis and management of the risk of biomechanical overload of the upper limbs.
OCRA has been developed by the Initiative for Open AuTHentication (OATH), an industry-wide collaboration of security stakeholders created to develop an open reference architecture leveraging existing standards for the universal adoption of strong authentication.
De acuerdo con la OCRA, durante los primeros nueve meses de este ano 52 mil 256 unidades han sido robadas.
Respondentai, kurie darbo sistema skaido i smulkesnes sudedamasias dalis, atlikdami ergonominiu rizikos veiksniu vertinima taike tokius metodus: REBA, RULA, NIOSH, MAC, OCRA ir ergonominiu rizikos veiksniu metodiniu nurodymu prieduose pateiktus.
The OCRA (Orange County Probation Department, 1988) is an assessment used by probation officials to evaluate which juvenile delinquents are most at-risk to reoffend.
You can establish your OCRA by taking 1% to 4% from each check that comes in the door and putting it away.
Established in 1996, the OCBA YLS's Scholarship is a four-year award benefiting Central Florida students who overcome a personal hardship and demonstrate financial need, according to Yvette Rodriguez Brown, OCRA YLS president.
A strong result of the theory is that the OCRA is the same for all investors with access to the same menu of assets, regardless of their attitudes toward risk and their level of wealth.
To meet this requirement, some companies are laser-etching OCRA and 2D data matrix codes on their products, and using machine vision to read the codes.
Details of any element of the plan These services shall adhere to the OCRA Storm Water System and Facilities Plans Minimum Technical Requirements and the Storm Drainage Plans RUS Bulletin 1780-5.
This transition will allow OCRA to serve our clients more strategically through added efficiencies and functionality that will continue to help us grow their businesses as well as our own.
En [48], la red OCRA considera todos los escenarios de implementacion posibles sobre las redes heterogeneas xG y desarrolla operaciones en la capa cruzada para el acceso al espectro dinamico basado en OFDM.