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1. One of eight offspring delivered at a single birth.
2. A group or combination of eight associated by common properties or behavior.

[From octuple (modeled on triplet).]


1. (Biology)
a. any of the eight young produced from a multiple birth
b. (as modifier): octuplet sisters.
2. (Biology) (as modifier): octuplet sisters.
3. (Classical Music) another name for octet1
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Some women have given birth to as many as nine babies, but none are known to have survived and only one one group of octuplets is known to have survived.
The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office has filed an additional welfare charge against the 38-year-old American woman who came to international attention when she gave birth to octuplets in January 2009 for allegedly receiving 10,000 dollars in MediCal benefits, Radar Online reported.
Nadya has been hiding away in the rundown property with her ten sons and four daughters, including the octuplets who earned her the Octomum nickname when they were born in January 2009.
The Suleman octuplets, born in California in January 2009, are the longest-living octuplets in known history.
In 2009 she outraged America by giving birth to octuplets through IVF despite having six other children and no job.
She was quickly known as "Octomom" and her octuplets became the longest surviving octuplets in the world.
After triplets come sixteenths (four syllables per beat), sextuplets, then octuplets (thirty-second notes).
Actual neighbors of the mother of octuplets said the family doesn't create any problems.
Suleman is the single woman whose in vitro fertilization added octuplets to the six children she already had at home.
The successful delivery of America's second set of octuplets on January 26, 2009, brings an entirely new meaning to the phrase, "It takes a village to raise a child.
In the wake of news that the octuplets born recently in California to single mother Nadya Suleman were conceived through in vitro fertilization, the center has called on the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and its affiliated organization, the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, to revoke the membership of the fertility specialist who performed the in vitro procedure.