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prop. n.1.(Zool.) A genus of tropical corals, usually branched, and having a very volid texture.
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July and August can be the top months for big wahoo running the edges of the Oculina coral bank which starts in about 120 feet of water and parallels the coast from north of Daytona Beach to Fort Pierce.
Over the next decade, the Council initiated public scoping meetings and a scientific review of the 1990 PDT report, while also establishing the Experimental Oculina Research Reserve off Ft.
Antimicrobial properties of resident coral mucus bacteria of Oculina patagonica.
of deep-water reefs off the east coast of Florida, which is now proposed as the Oculina Habitat Area of Particular Concern.
Abstract--A portion of the Oculina Bank located off eastern Florida is a marine protected area (MPA) preserved for its dense populations of the ivory tree coral (Oculina varicosa), which provides important habitat for fish.
The system has been deployed in the Hudson Canyon, Georgetown Hole, Oculina Banks, and over some "blue holes" located near Miami.
Community composition, structure, area and trophic relationships of decapods associated whit shallow-and deep-water Oculina varicose Coral Reefs: Studies on Decapods Crustacea from the Indians River Region of Florida, XXIV Bulletin of Marine Science 32(3): 761-786.
For instance, in 1995, Kushmaro linked devastating bleaching incidents in the Mediterranean Sea's Oculina patagonica coral to an infection by Vibrio shilonii.
Some restoration projects, such as the Oculina and Lake Salvador projects, are intended to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative technologies.
Reefs of stony corals Lophelia and Oculina are estimated to be more than 1,000 years old.
Back in the 1990s, Professor Eugene Rosenberg and his colleagues at the Tel Aviv University, Israel, made the important discovery that bleaching in the hard coral Oculina patagonica, a relatively new resident of the Mediterranean Sea, is caused by a pathogenic bacterium, Vibrio shiloi.