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n.1.(Law) Among the early and medieval Teutonic peoples, esp. Scandinavians, the heritable land held by the various odalmen constituting a family or kindred of freeborn tribesmen; also, the ownership of such land. The odal was subject only to certain rights of the family or kindred in restricting the freedom of transfer or sale and giving certain rights of redemption in case of change of ownership by inheritance, etc., and perhaps to other rights of the kindred or the tribe. Survivals of the early odal estates and tenure exist in Orkney and Shetland, where it is usually called by the variant form udal.
a.1.(Law) Noting, or pert. to, odal land or ownership.
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For booking presentations, media appearances, and/or interviews contact odal.
Odal, "Mother Victoria Vera Piedad as a Mutya Figure--A Study of an Archetypal Image of the Self") simply didn't work for me as an "outsider," reading more like an oral contribution at a self-help group than a considered paper on women's spirituality.
Each of the Dodgers starters have pitched at least three innings in a start, with Omar Daal, Eric Gagne and Odal is Perez throwing four innings.
Gabbrielli correctly observes that the twelve vocal compositions unfold according to a sequence of four broad m odal categories (protus, deuterus, tritus, and tetrardus) as described by a number of Renaissance theorists.
Aqui en la Odal, la diosa genera el momento necesario y el deseo en los seres humanos para que estos se unan, colocandola en el puesto de la divinidad que crea el impulso sexual no para ella, sino como dadora de los que le suplican, similar al Himno homerico.
The latter, labeled as the "Geographical Routes of Freight Shipment," was drawn on the maps showing 202 single-modal and inter-m odal lanes for freight flows between the Nordic countries and the Continental Europe and/or overseas destinations.
I felt sure that from late April to mid-May 1819, the duende--or what he called "my demon Poesy"--spent three-and-a-half weeks with Keats in Hampstead when he wrote the ballad "La belle dame sans merci," three experimental sonnets ("To Sleep," "How fever'd is the man," and "If by dull rhymes"), and fi ve odal hymns that brought a dazzling concentration and amplitude to the English lyric.
Announcement of competition: Client Ombudsman for new 1-10 school in South Odal Municipality
Police Officer 2 Ryan Fortich of Manila Police District-Station 11 identified the fatalities as Udrico Kaslibolo, 17; and Darwin Odal 25; while the wounded victim was identified as Jacky Villamor, 22.