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a.1.Of or pertaining to Odin.
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The approach I take here discerns in the barbarity of Odinic Neopaganism an archaic outburst from the subaltern popular world dexterously exploited for reactionary purposes, whereas the mythologism, millenarianism, and the temporary "barbarity" of Marxism, as a "modern popular reformation," represents but one stage, one necessary historical moment, of the movement towards "the absolute terrestrialization and worldiness of thought.
As chief of the order of wizards and elected head of the Council of the Wise, white is originally his distinctive color, as grey is that of the Odinic wanderer Gandalf and brown of the quasi-Franciscan nature-lover Radagast.
Whereas writers of the literary Gothic showed Catholic oppression of human nature as resulting in a sickly effeminacy on which horrors of all kinds could pray, the Odinic religion called for a confrontation with the horror as a test of heroic manliness.