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a material that has a strong smell, esp one that is added deliberately to a material that does not
another word for odorous


(ˈoʊ dər ənt)

an odorous substance or product.
[1425–75; late Middle English: fragrant < Latin odōrant-, s. of odōrāns, present participle of odōrāre to make fragrant, derivative of odor odor; see -ant]
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There were also reports the smell was due to a leak of an odorant called Mercaptan, which is added to gas (which has no scent) to help people realise when a leak happens.
The scent being used for the scratch-and-sniff contains Mercaptan, the same odorant that is added to natural gas to make it noticeable.
Based on recent studies by UCLA, the only identified odorant that can come for the secondary treatment process is MIB.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A project to product gas odorant has made 90% progress at phase I of the South Pars Gas Field, says Planning Director of the National Iranian Gas Company Hassan Montazer Torbati, adding the project will end a French and Russian monopoly in production of the item.
Anethol, the 4th odorant, showed clear olfactory neural activation and attraction in some scarab beetles (Hansson et al.
Airborne particulates and odorants detected in MSAPC and SAPC MAPC SAPC Odorant DMS * 0.
Capture of odorant stimuli by olfactory receptors in both vertebrates and invertebrates has received increasing attention since the initial cloning of mammalian genes expressing odorant receptor proteins in the early 1990s.
Roxas said Angelito San Juan, the renter of the ill-fated Unit 501-B of Two Serendra, did not smell the accumulated LPG fumes inside the room as ethyl mercaptan - the chemical used as odorant of LPG - had vaporized beyond its recognizable level.
of GA[paragraph]ttingen, Germany), and Kraft (Givaudan Research, Switzerland) provide a thorough introduction to the state of the art of odorant chemistry and research in odor perception.
A number of distinct odorant mixture phenomena have been documented.
The suit alleges that EnergyUSA - which installed and serviced the 1,000-pound propane tank at the site - did not heed the manufacturer's warning printed on the inside of the tank, advising that the new tank be filled to capacity to prevent odorant fade.
US industrial sampling products and systems provider Sentry Equipment Corp said Monday it has acquired Texas-based Zeck Systems, which offers odorant injection instrumentation, in a move to boost its process products and systems portfolio.