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The wave of new direct-drive electric machines, in which ball screws are coupled directly to the motor shaft, is prompted by the ability to achieve faster response, higher speeds, greater precision, and reduced maintenance by eliminating belts and pulleys.
April 27--The Realty Foundation of New York will honor Jeffrey R.
Many will invoke some of the same universal symbols revolving around seed-based foods - a sign of fertility and plenty - or new clothes, symbolic of new beginnings.
The exhibition also serves as yet another staging ground for the proliferation of new German painting.
Exhibit floors at specialty society meetings teem with vendors describing all kinds of new and profitable opportunities.
Local health departments were requested to collect and report dead birds to the state health departments of New York and Connecticut.
That was the day when Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island joined to become the City of New York.
But what tune are the presidential hopefuls dancing to when they indulge the whims of New Hampshire?
On July 24, 1992, Tax Executives Institute filed the following comments with New York Governor Mario Cuomo on the proposed consolidation of New York State and New York City audit functions.
Elected governor in 1818, Clinton had previously served as mayor of New York City, where he established a reputation for promoting cultural and literary institutions.
The FASB later decided the four scenarios described below permit a better grasp of new basis issues.