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 (ô′fə) Died 796.
King of Mercia (757-796). With Charlemagne he signed the first recorded English commercial treaty (796).


(Biography) died 796 ad, king of Mercia (757–796), who constructed an earthwork (Offa's Dyke) between Wales and Mercia


n acronym for
1. (Zoology) Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals
2. Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals
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When King Offa ruled in Mercia, about a hundred and fifty years later, he restored Christianity, and under its protection the nunnery of St.
The village of Hurley, five minutes' walk from the lock, is as old a little spot as there is on the river, dating, as it does, to quote the quaint phraseology of those dim days, "from the times of King Sebert and King Offa.
At about 08:00hrs, report reaching the Area commander Offa indicated that a land dispute between Ijagbo and Offa communities was getting out of hands, hence a peace meeting was organised by Chairman Oyun Local government Area, having the area commander and other stakeholders in attendance.
Murphy RESULT OF THE WEEK OFFA ATHLETIC 1 PENYFFORDD LIONS 2 Penyffordd end Offa's 15-game unbeaten run in North East Wales League President's Cup semi-finals.
The Rt Rev Christopher Cocksworth, Bishop of Coventry, said: "I am sorry to say that the Home Office no longer has the need to use Offa House as short-term accommodation for Syrian refugees.
That was still a decent run and while a marginal drop in his rating would surely be appreciated, he is highly capable of competing offa mark of 80.
The six-year-old was rated as high as 103 when trained by richard Hannon snr back in 2013, but having tumbled down the ratings in the intervening campaigns, he now lines up offa career-low mark of 82.
Professor Graham Henderson, vice chancellor at Teesside University said he was "very pleased" that OFFA had approved their Access Agreement.
The white and tan terrier puppy, named Offa, was found abandoned near a north Wales river.
According to the Old English poem "Widsith," Offa saved his aged father, King Wermund, from Saxon domination by defeating a Saxon king's son in single combat.
ERMASOFT Laser Envelope is a program that automates the process, grabbing names and addresses offa computer screen and formatting them to fit exactly where they should on any size envelope or label.