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 (ô′fən-bäk′, ŏf′ən-, ô-fĕn-bäk′), Jacques 1819-1880.
German-born French composer noted for his operettas and the opera Tales of Hoffmann (first performed 1881).


(German ˈɔfənbax)
(Placename) a city in central Germany, on the River Main in Hesse opposite Frankfurt am Main: leather-goods industry. Pop: 119 208 (2003 est)


(ˈɒfənˌbɑːk; French ɔfɛnbak)
(Biography) Jacques (ʒɑk). 1819–80, German-born French composer of many operettas, including Orpheus in the Underworld (1858), and of the opera The Tales of Hoffmann (1881)


(ˈɔ fənˌbɑk, ˈɒf ən-)

1. Jacques, 1819–80, French composer.
2. a city in S Hesse, in central Germany, on the Main River, near Frankfurt. 116,482.
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Noun1.Offenbach - French composer of many operettas and an opera (1819-1880)Offenbach - French composer of many operettas and an opera (1819-1880)
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He always went to Ireland for the fishing, and he came to Paris for the new Offenbach things.
It was left largely to musicologist Jean-Christophe Keck (supervising editor of the new Offenbach Critical Edition) to locate and edit the various original sources that were, as he has said, "scattered all over the world.
Taylor dancers also performed the opening work, Offenbach Overtures.
Services of the HOAI Part 4, sectoral planning, Section 1 Structural Engineering with work phases 1 to 6 and in addition Special services of LP 7-9 for the expansion and renovation of primary and secondary school in 63065 OffenbachThe design contract refers to the renovation and expansion of the main building of Mathilde school in Offenbach from the year 1978th It is a three-storey steel-framed basement with a gross floor area of ?
This season he brought Offenbach in the Underworld to life, and though this is one of the late choreographer's lesser works, it was a delight.
Whitener expresses pride in the success of the company's revival of Antony Tudor's 1954 Offenbach in the Underworld, produced in collaboration with Donald Mahler of the Tudor Trust and Leslie Rotman of the Dance Notation Bureau in 1999, and last season's pristine restoration of George Balanchine's Renard (1947), made possible in part by the Balanchine Foundation.
Bass-baritone Jamie Offenbach and mezzo Cynthia Jansen find characterization, not caricature, in Dr.
Awarding Building cleaning at 15 public buildings of the city of Offenbach am Main.
Resident artist Cynthia Jansen will perform the role of Marcellina, with former resident artists Megan Dey-Toth as Cherubino and Jamie Offenbach as Dr.
Apart from the two New York premieres, these included Sunset, Airs, Cloven Kingdom, Piazzolla Caldera, Roses, A Field of Grass, Profiles, Nightshade, Offenbach Overtures, and The Word; some had not been seen for many seasons.
Nowhere was this change more gratifying than in Offenbach Overtures (1995), Taylor's wickedly affectionate look at Russian ballet theater a la francaise.
Also featured in the program were works by Offenbach (``Ah