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 (ō′gəl-thôrp′), James Edward 1696-1785.
English soldier, philanthropist, and colonizer. He secured a charter for the colony of Georgia (1732) as a refuge for unemployed debtors newly released from prison.


(Biography) James Edward. 1696–1785, English general and colonial administrator; founder of the colony of Georgia (1733)


(ˈoʊ gəlˌθɔrp)

James Edward, 1696–1785, British general: founder of the colony of Georgia.
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Our affections as citizens embrace the whole extent of the Union, and the names of Raleigh, Smith, Winthrop, Calvert, Penn and Oglethorpe excite in our minds recollections equally pleasing and gratitude equally fervent with those of Carver and Bradford.
The Project locations are primarily along Beaver Road and Westside Country Drive in Fort Oglethorpe, Catoosa County, Georgia, and consists of the following major elemenis: Demolition/removal/replacement of the existing pumps, controlS, Wet well; piping, valves, manhole, and other miscellaneous items; temporary byp si buriing; pump and haul services; rock blasting; miscella_neous electrical imprbvernents; and other miscellaneous improvements for a complete installation at each pump station.
The Oglethorpe Space Award, named in honor of the founder of Georgia, Gen.
Georgia Electric Membership Corporation, a statewide trade association representing the state's 41 EMCs, Oglethorpe Power Corp.
WRAGGE Lawrence Graham & Co has appointed Chris Oglethorpe as its new director of human resources.
Ex-Cressington Lib Dem Richard Oglethorpe took a hammer to the wrought iron railings as police arrived to try and calm down the situation.
With MedEZ, Oglethorpe will experience easier billing as well as have the advantage of being able to execute it completely internally.
this year, and Oglethorpe leaders already are looking to extend the brand into New York state (Long Island) next, with Strawberry's hometown of St.
The first scholarship recipient was Carl (Tony) Golden, a student at Oglethorpe University who is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Accounting.
Authorities have closed Brunswick-based Oglethorpe Bank.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 17, 2011-Bank of the Ozarks signs purchase and assumption agreement for Oglethorpe Bank(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
He addresses different understandings of "national" territory, the blunders of Oglethorpe, and how this led to Georgia's greatest crisis, "the Bosomworth controversy," eventually resolved by Governor Henry Ellis in 1757.