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Olio, Oglio

 a collection of miscellaneous pieces; a hotchpotch; a mixture; medley—Johnson, 1755.
Examples: olio of affairs, 1700; of all ages, 1847; of musical pieces; of partisan opinions, 1880; of pictures; of various religions, 1648; of verse.
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Dantes was tossed about on these doubts and wishes, when the patron, who had great confidence in him, and was very desirous of retaining him in his service, took him by the arm one evening and led him to a tavern on the Via del' Oglio, where the leading smugglers of Leghorn used to congregate and discuss affairs connected with their trade.
The Tuyo Mushroom Pasta (P165), on the other hand, is a tastier and better alternative to your aglio oglio, while the Malunggay Pasta (P160) is meant for those with adventurous taste buds and, at the same time, are health-conscious.
It was explained by Dall' Oglio and his co-workers as the low activity of carbonyl protonation in a H3PO4 using ethanol and methanol which can be explained by the higher pKa value relative to the other catalysts used in the reaction.
Ano Titulo Disquera 1974 The Golden Scarab Mercury 1974 The Whole Thing Started Lemon Recordings With Rock & Roll 1977 Nite City 20th Century 1983 Carmina Burana A&M 1983 Love Lion Shanachie Records (con Michael McClure) 2006 Atonal Head Orchard (con Piotr Bal) 2006 Love Her Madly Oglio Records (con Bruce Hanifan) 2008 Ballads Before the Rain Friday Music (con Roy Rogers) 2011 Translucent Blues Blind Pig (con Roy Rogers) 2011 The Piano Poems Shanachie Records (con Michael McClure)
The central action of the play is set into motion when Volpone, the fox, disguises himself as a mountebank in order to hawk his Oglio del Scoto in the Venetian piazza.
The song contained in that episode, a duet with Oglio recording artist MC Lars called "Earworm," will also be posted to The FuMP on April 1st.
A writer calling himself the "Essayist," for example, describes his readers' ability to "find something in the oglio adapted to their peculiar taste" precisely because the magazine offers such variety ("The Essayist" 556).
He has restored the excisions which were made in some letters in volume 1 of the Dall' Oglio edition of the opera omnia (Milan, 1966).
Volpone guarantees health for all who use his curative oglio, but these promises are lies.
Li prodotti dei preacenati terreni soggetti a questa camera di Modone consistono in formenti, vini et oglio in quantita, lane, formaggi, seda, grana, cera, miele e qualche quantita d'altre biade, che sono per uso del Paese.
The sites concerned are: Lake Garda, Lake Idro, the Sarca-Mincio basin, the Oglio basin, the Adda basin, the Southern Lambro-Olona basin, the Ticino basin, the River Greve, the River Arno (North basin), the Gulf of Castellammare (Sicily) and the Adriatic Sea (North basin).