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(ˈɔr ʒə)

a river in central Europe, flowing NE from Germany through the W Czech Republic to the Elbe. 193 mi. (310 km) long. German, Eger.
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From these, OHRE compiled a database of the most critical 150,000 pages of photos and text, describing slightly more than 150 experiments, Weiss says.
Die Alten zahlten wirklich dem Ohre ihre einzelnen Laute, ebenso wie die Silben, zu: zwei unmittelbar aufeinander folgende Konsonanten, oder zwei zu einem Diphtong ineinander flie|Beta~ende Vokale machten bei ihnen eine Silbe lang, sie mochte nun im Anfange, in der Mitte, oder am Ende eines Worts, oder allein stehen; sie mochte bedeutend oder unbedeutend sein.
In the Ohre rift valley in the Jachymov ore mining district, uranium-rich minerals have been exploited for many years, with little regard for the consequences.
In 1979 in the Anthology of the Liberec North Bohemian Museum (Sbornik severoceskeho muzea) Miroslav Vane expressed a fundamental idea of stratigraphic segmentation of the Upper Cretaceous sediments in the Ohre facies area, supported by the comparative geologic time chart of western and eastern parts of this region.
Als durchaus fremdartig und unangenehm fallt unserem Ohre zunachst ein zischender, schrillender summsender und murksender Lautausdruck der judischen Sprechweise auf.
Zatec Brewery, based in the town's former royal castle on a hill above the River Ohre - from where it draws its water - had been rundown for several years before Rolf got his eye on it.
DARREN CORBETT will be out to impress when he faces late replacement Konstantin Ohre at the Ulster Hall tonight.
This tectonic system is considered to origin during the pre-rift developing period of Ohre River Rift being one of its main marginal fault systems (Coubal and Klein, 1992).
Burbank's first possession nearly resulted in a score when Chris Antaplyan broke into the Hart defensive backfield, but Ohre Kilpatrick caught him from behind.
CS) constitutes the largest mountain range lying within the graben of the Ohre Rift (Ulrych et al.