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Noun1.Old Colony - a state in New EnglandOld Colony - a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies
Lexington and Concord, Lexington, Concord - the first battle of the American Revolution (April 19, 1775)
U.S.A., United States, United States of America, US, USA, America, the States, U.S. - North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776
New England - a region of northeastern United States comprising Maine and New Hampshire and Vermont and Massachusetts and Rhode Island and Connecticut
Bean Town, Beantown, Boston, capital of Massachusetts, Hub of the Universe - state capital and largest city of Massachusetts; a major center for banking and financial services
Cambridge - a city in Massachusetts just to the north of Boston; site of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Concord - town in eastern Massachusetts near Boston where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought
Gloucester - a town in northeastern Massachusetts on Cape Ann to the northeast of Boston; the harbor has been a fishing center for centuries
Lexington - town in eastern Massachusetts near Boston where the first battle of the American Revolution was fought
Medford - town in northeastern Massachusetts; residential suburb of Boston
Pittsfield - a town in western Massachusetts
Springfield - a city and manufacturing center in southwestern Massachusetts on the Connecticut River
Worcester - an industrial and university city in central Massachusetts to the west of Boston
Cape Ann - a Massachusetts peninsula to the north of Boston extending into the Atlantic Ocean
Cape Cod - a Massachusetts peninsula to the south of Boston extending into the Atlantic; a popular resort area
Cape Cod Canal - a canal connecting Cape Cod Bay with Buzzards Bay
Plymouth - a town in Massachusetts founded by Pilgrims in 1620
Salem - a city in northeastern Massachusetts; site of the witchcraft trials in 1692
Williamstown - a town in northwestern Massachusetts
Berkshire Hills, Berkshires - a low mountain range in western Massachusetts; a resort area
Charles River, Charles - a river in eastern Massachusetts that empties into Boston Harbor and that separates Cambridge from Boston
Housatonic, Housatonic River - a river that rises in western Massachusetts and flows south through Connecticut to empty into Long Island Sound
Merrimack, Merrimack River - a river that rises in south central New Hampshire and flows through Concord and Manchester into Massachusetts and empties into the Atlantic Ocean
Taconic Mountains - a range of the Appalachian Mountains along the eastern border of New York with Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont
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At an age when other boys are at school I was earning my living as a trader in the old Colony.
Donations in lieu of flowers may be made to Old Colony Hospice, 1 Credit Union Way, Randolph, 02368, or to St.
BB&T Insurance Services today said it plans to buy Kentucky agencies Old Colony Insurance Service (Louisville) Inc.
33 Lyman Street #304B, Westborough, MA 01581 or to Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts, 43 Old Colony Ave.
According to the Information, the charges against BRADY stem from the huge financial benefits he received from Old Colony Construction Company, one of National Amusements' general contractors.
Under his guidance, the Old Colony Memorial weekly in Plymouth has repeatedly won awards for excellence and was named "Newspaper of the Year" in March 2001 by the New England Newspaper Association.
Tenders are invited for layig of cc road from muniganti brahmaiah (h) to bathula laxmaiah (h) via valya (h) in ramannapeta old colony
And the T has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of crumbling concrete rail ties on the Old Colony commuter line - ties that were supposed to last far longer than 10 years.
Tenders are invited for Ar Mo To Various Types Of Qtrs At Nh Iv Faridabad During 2015 16 Sh Cleaning And Repair Of Roof And Plinths In Old Colony
Old Colony will operate under the New England Office Supply name, and Old Colony's location in the Whitinsville section of Northbridge will continue to serve as a sales and distribution center, the companies reported yesterday in a news release.
HECTOR BIENVENIDO ARIAS, a/k/a "Rhadames Peguero," a/k/a "Boogie," age 50, formerly residing at 7 Darius Court in the Old Colony Housing Development in South Boston - sentenced to 14 years in federal prison, to be followed by 5 years of supervised release, and a $100,000 fine;