Old Test

Old Test.

Old Testament.
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It's a big old test but I am looking forward to it.
You see an old test like this one and start to wonder what they can do with it to keep it up to modern times.
The team has filed for a patent on the microchip, and the researchers also were working to launch a startup company to help get the method approved by the FDA and bring it to market, both in the United States and in parts of the world where the old test is too expensive and difficult to use.
The advent of new tests has sent thousands of test takers rushing to complete sections of the old test they had left incomplete.
Ahmed Ali, senior projects co-ordinator of DSF Office said, "Fun Fairs have always been a part of traditional Eid celebrations and 'Eid in Dubai' has taken this concept to what it is today -- a fun gathering where the young and the old test the thrills of games.
The College Board announced the plans at a time when the rival ACT exam is gaining in popularity, and on the heels of a study released by the College Board saying that the three-section SAT established three years ago--predicts college success no better than the old test and not quite as well as a student's high school grades.
Michael Vaughan won't get a single Stanford greenback because he's just a boring old Test player and, Sir Allen tells us, Test cricket is the past, Twenty20 the future.
The old test car will be retired to the Lester Larsen Tractor Test Museum on East Campus.
With the 2002 GED Test Series beginning on January 1, 2002, participants in the program had to complete the old test series by December 31, 2001, or start over with the new 2002 series.
Another test for benchlife is to take an old test sieve (30 mesh or finer) and fill it with fresh, prepared sand (Fig.
With the old test, three people could work in the same area and get different results," Sixbey said.
During the clinical evaluation of the KELLY MONITOR(TM) at the Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia, Ohio, the test was responsible for assisting in the discovery of breast cancer in a a twenty-five year old test participant who had no lumps, symptoms or family history of breast cancer.