Old man's head

(Bot.) a columnar cactus (Pilocereus senilis), native of Mexico, covered towards the top with long white hairs.

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References in classic literature ?
But if she thinks she will live to see the people of this country ride over that old man's head, she is mistaken.
With straining eyes, then, they remained on the outer edge of the direful zone, whose centre had now become the old man's head.
The fair's many highlights include the Weiss Gallery's sympathetic study of an old man's head, a recent discovery attributed to Rubens (Fig.
Cinderblocks were later used to fill a crack in the old man's head and a weatherproof cover put over it.
Years later, however, I enjoyed telling my folklore students about seeing the old man's head and learning that a number of my students had had similar experiences.
Twitpic "There's an old man's head in Andy's kit bag" THAT'S MY BOY Z Mum Judy shares son's triumph HE'S DONE IT Z Kim gets a hug from Willie SKY-HIGH Z Andy gives his victory salute THAT'S MY 3 MAN Kim celebrates
John snatched the beret off the old man's head, stuffed the pounds 350 in it and took the picture.
A court document filed by HIQA revealed staff members claimed one employee banged an old man's head off a door frame, kicked him on the floor and slapped another vulnerable pensioner across the face.
They placed a gun at the old man's head and forced their way in,'' Zacky said.
I mentioned to him that Hazlitt, the early 19th century essayist and theatre critic, declared that Lear was unactable due to the intense horrors heaped upon the old man's head making it almost impossible for an actor to convey such things adequately.
They then put another hood over the old man's head and tied it tight enough to suffocate him.
Next an old man's head appeared, which the birds tossed between themselves until it broke open.