Oliver Stone

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Noun1.Oliver Stone - United States filmmaker (born in 1946)
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Film director Oliver Stone was dragged into a sexual assault row yesterday.
He was attending a screening of the forthcoming movie about whistleblower Edward Snowden - having previously praised his moral courage - and posed with the film's director, Oliver Stone.
Other highlights of "The Oliver Stone Experience," available Sept.
Oliver Stone has rarely lacked for attention among those invested in the intersection of film and history.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Acclaimed US film director Oliver Stone said that the overthrow of the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych earlier this year was the result of CIA plot.
NEW YORK (AP) -- Oliver Stone will write and direct a film about Edward Snowden, one of two high-profile films in the works about the National Security Agency leaker.
15 ( ANI ): American filmmaker Oliver Stone has reportedly referred to President Barack Obama as a 'snake' in a video for authorising legality to National Security Agency (NSA) spy programmes.
Savages" is a return to form for Oliver Stone, who reminds us of his "Natural Born Killers" days in this vicious film about love, drug cartels and consequences.
On history; Tariq Ali and Oliver Stone in conversation.
EVER since tackling subjects such as the Vietnam war and the assassination of President Kennedy, filmmaker Oliver Stone has courted controversy.
Oliver Stone strives for greatness in this historical epic, but at times it falls just short of the mark.
Bush, el actor Toby Jones, quien encarna el papel de Karl Rove, consejero del entonces presidente, en Hijo de Bush (W; EU, 2008), la cinta de Oliver Stone.