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 (ŏl′ə-vər), Joseph Known as "King Oliver." 1885-1938.
American jazz cornetist and composer who had a great influence on the style of Louis Armstrong.


1. (Biography) one of Charlemagne's 12 paladins. See also Roland
2. (Biography) Isaac. ?1556–1617, English portrait miniaturist, born in France: he studied under Hilliard and worked at James I's court
3. (Biography) Jamie (Trevor). born 1975, British chef and presenter of television cookery programmes
4. (Biography) Joseph, known as King Oliver. 1885–1938, US pioneer jazz cornetist


(ˈɒl ə vər)

one of Charlemagne's paladins.
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Noun1.Oliver - United States jazz musician who influenced the style of Louis Armstrong (1885-1938)


[ˈɒlɪvəʳ] NOliverio
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On 3rd May the starting pistol was fired in Brussels for the Council of Ministers from the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group, which is being attended by a significant delegation from the Ministry for Trade from our country, led by Pedro Olivera Boropu.
The discovery of ziconotide (Prialt[R]), a unique non-opioid analgesic that is an N-type calcium channel blocker, has its roots beginning in the 1940s when a young Filipino boy, Baldomero Olivera, would sort seashells while waiting for his father to finish playing tennis at a local club.
At the Lekhwiya stadium yesterday, goals from Sardor Rashidov and Romarinho from the penalty spot were enough for the soldiers who had to endure a nervy final 15 minutes after Al Wakrah striker Pablo Olivera pulled a goal back for his side.
When Judge Lou Olivera of Cumberland County, North Carolina, sentenced a veteran to jail for one day, after the man admitted he tampered with his urine screen and had been driving under the influence, Olivera did something quite unusual.
The results also suggest that "months to years after the primary brain injury, there may be a continuation of secondary injuries with residual axonal degeneration and blood-brain barrier disruptions in this population that may contribute to the maintenance of postconcussive disorder symptoms and affect symptom severity," wrote Anlys Olivera, Ph.
She leaves a son Jonathan Eide and a daughter Destiney Olivera both of Webster.
En dos pretextos de muy diferente categoria y relevancia apoyo Diaz Redondo la "necesidad urgente" de celebrar una asamblea extraordinaria: el caso de Juventino Olivera, subgerente de administracion y presidente del Consejo de Vigilancia, y el caso de la empresa PEPSA (Promotora y Editora de Publicaciones, S.
Eso obliga a Olivera elegir si estar al lado de su familia en el Tribunal o perseguir al Conde .
Alicia Esperanza Olivera Sedano de Bonfil nacio en la capital mexiquense, en el seno de una familia de ocho hermanos cuyo padre fue un medico de ideas revolucionarias y su madre una mujer catolica.
Al Wasl striker Juan Olivera is hoping to fire his side to their second GCC Champions League triumph since 2010 on Sunday -- and win himself a new contract in the process.
Ademas, la dimension social se ve reforzada por el caracter funcional y utilitario del lenguaje de especialidad, no solo como extension logica de la dimension sociolinguistica que hemos senalado en el parrafo anterior, sino tambien por motivos de orden esencialmente practico que dan forma a una actividad docente e investigadora interesada en presentar el lenguaje de especialidad con caracteristicas determinadas por la situacion de uso y por la existencia de diferentes tipos de usuarios, entre los que se senalan a los expertos, los semiexpertos y los legos interesados y se precisa que es a los semiexpertos a los que normalmente debemos ofrecer soluciones pedagogicas especificas, como las que veremos en este articulo (Alcaraz Varo, 2000; Fuertes Olivera y Arribas Bano, 2008).
Pedro Olivera, director of the National Center for Control of the Land, told reporters that 922,000 hectares have been turned over in usufruct so far.