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 (ŏl′ivz), Mount ofalso Ol·i·vet (ŏl′ə-vĕt′)
A ridge of hills in the West Bank east of Jerusalem. At its western foot is the biblical site of the Garden of Gethsemane.


(Placename) Mount of Olives a hill to the east of Jerusalem: in New Testament times the village Bethany (Mark 11:11) was on its eastern slope and Gethsemane on its western one


(ˈɒl ɪvz)

also Ol•i•vet

(ˈɒl əˌvɛt, -vɪt)

n. Mount of,
a small ridge E of Jerusalem. Highest point, 2737 ft. (834 m).
References in classic literature ?
So did everyone else, even `Croaker' as the girls called the old lady, and the unfortunate dinner ended gaily, with bread and butter, olives and fun.
Let peace, descending from her native heaven, bid her olives spring amidst the joyful nations; and plenty, in league with commerce, scatter blessings from her copious hand.
Jennings's endeavours to cure a disappointment in love, by a variety of sweetmeats and olives, and a good fire.
There are no olives in the Ebony Island, and those imported from here fetch a high price.
There are no olives this year, and there is not a drop of vinegar to be had in the whole village.
The talk, diminished under the effect of certain delicious ducks dressed with olives, was falling flat.
There are luscious figs also, and olives in full growth.
Chaloner ordered wine-biscuits and olives, and gave Mr.
The young man thought of the little sister frisking over the Parthenon and the Mount of Olives and sharing for two years, the years of the school-room, this extraordinary pilgrimage of her parents; he wondered whether Goethe's dictum had been justified in this case.
In a country of plantation, first look about, what kind of victual the country yields of itself to hand; as chestnuts, walnuts, pineapples, olives, dates, plums, cherries, wild honey, and the like; and make use of them.
A hollow like a great amphitheatre, full of terraced steps and misty olives, now lay between them and the heights of Fiesole, and the road, still following its curve, was about to sweep on to a promontory which stood out in the plain.
From the mountain's peak its broken turrets rise above the groves of ancient oaks and olives, and look wonderfully picturesque.