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An angiotensin II receptor blocker drug, C24H26N6O3, used in the form of its medoxomil ester to treat hypertension.

[olme-, origin unknown + -sartan, angiotensin II receptor blocker suffix; see losartan.]


n olmesartán m
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Daewoong Pharmaceutical is also the co-promotion partner in South Korea for the Daiichi Sankyo antihypertensives Olmetec, Olmetec Plus, Sevikar, Sevikar HC, and through this new agreement, Daiichi Sankyo Korea aims to maximize LIXIANAs product value and further contribute to disease treatment and prevention in South Korea.
More than a thousand legal actions have been lodged in the US over the drug Olmesartan - also known as Olmetec.
The lost patient was a 16-year old girl who ingested 20 libradin[R] (Barnidipin) and 10 olmetec plus[R] (Olmesertan).
Rezaltas, Olmetec, and Calblock), the company plans to bring new
Medication includes Olmetec plus for high BP now maintained at 116-130/70-80
of the Daiichi Sankyo Company, will start selling Olmetec - generic name: olmesartan medoxomil - an antihypertensive agent in July.
The company said the falls in its pretax and operating profits were attributable to an increase in sales and administrative expenses, mainly those spent to boost sales of antihypertensive drug Olmetec, known as Benicar in the United States.
Olmetec is the latest angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) on the market and has been shown in trials to reduce high blood pressure in eight out of 10 patients within eight weeks.
Lawyers suspect some patients may have been misdiagnosed with coeliac disease because the side-effects mimic symptoms of wheat protein CONCERNS Olmetec intolerance.
Contract award: discount agreement pursuant to A* 130a sgb v, section 8 for drug olmetec A, olmetec plus A, sevikar A, sevikar hct A