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n.1.Worship of the Olympian gods, esp. as a dominant cult or religion.
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even though I was wary of finding in him a mixture of scholarly Olympianism and an exaggerated, 'effeminate' [damskaia] rapture--I mean, I feared too much pathos in him.
The $62 million renovation has gone beyond the purely physical and technological, thoroughly rethinking the way the museum traces the history of Olympianism.
We're the museum of an idea, a culture and a philosophy called Olympianism.
And this fundamental weakness in the authors' populist approach is reflected in the inadequacy of what they see as the way forward for today, their proposal to replace the New Olympianism by a New Populism.
My sense, however, is that the ship has already sailed, and that the future holds only more Olympianism.
Olympianism is the project of an intellectual elite that believes that it enjoys superior enlightenment and that its business is to spread this benefit to those living on the lower slopes of human achievement.
For as Minogue pointed out, "We may define Olympianism as a vision of human betterment to be achieved on a global scale by forging the peoples of the world into a single community based on the universal enjoyment of appropriate human rights.
In a sense, this is Rushdie's most serious reply to the charge of Olympianism.
The legitimation crisis arises because, as the rhetorical environment is constituted at present, and as the aims and purposes of higher education are addressed, there does not seem any better language in which to formulate our answers than that of skills or Olympianism.
And just as Communism had been a political project passing itself off as the ultimate in scientific understanding, so Olympianism burrowed like a parasite into the most powerful institution of the emerging knowledge economy--the universities.
Ideally, Olympianism spreads by rational persuasion, as prejudice gives way to enlightenment.
Olympianism is the characteristic belief system of today's secularist, and it has itself many of the features of a religion.