on horseback

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راكبٌ على ظَهْر الجَواد
na koni
at sırtında


(hoːs) noun
1. a large four-footed animal which is used to pull carts etc or to carry people etc.
2. a piece of apparatus used for jumping, vaulting etc in a gymnasium.
ˈhorse-box noun
an enclosed vehicle etc used for carrying horses.
ˈhorsefly noun
a large fly that bites horses etc.
ˈhorsehair noun, adjective
(of) the hair from a horse's mane or tail. The mattress is stuffed with horsehair; a horsehair mattress.
ˈhorsemanfeminine ˈhorsewoman noun
a rider, especially a skilled one. She is a very competent horsewoman.
ˈhorsemanship noun
ˈhorseplay noun
rough and noisy behaviour or play.
ˈhorsepower (usually abbreviated to h.p.when written) noun
a standard unit used to measure the power of engines, cars etc.
horseshoe (ˈhoːʃʃuː) noun
1. a curved iron shoe for a horse.
2. something in the shape of a horseshoe. The bride was presented with a lucky silver horseshoe.
on horseback
riding on a horse. The soldiers rode through the town on horseback.
(straight) from the horse's mouth
from a well-informed and reliable source. I got that story straight from the horse's mouth.
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He followed it up with lesser hits such as Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn and his most recent, last year's Man on the Rocks.
Their other broodmares include Ommadawn, a daughter of Montjeu in foal to Rock Of Gibraltar, and Silk Rope, by Presenting and in foal to Flemensfirth.
Then the third album, Ommadawn, was accepted and then there was this period when my music world disintegrated with the advent of the punk rock movement.
The instrumental tracks Songs from Distant Earth, Ommadawn, Bell and Guitars were also superb.
Kerayasi beat Ommadawn more easily than the half-length margin suggests in the 1m4f handicap, Gary Moore's former French-trained six-year-old travelling ominously well from a long way out for George Baker and quickening smartly from the back to win readily.
What makes Wednesday's gig so intriguing is not the vast swathes of Tubular Bells III we are promised but rather the likely dipping into the distance reaches of the past for extracts of Tubular Bells and the wondrous Ommadawn.
Hergest Ridge, the follow-up to Tubular Bells was an immediate number one as was Ommadawn, which followed two years later and remains perhaps his most satisfying album.
At the end of side one of Ommadawn he lets rip a guitar solo of remarkable intensity and power and later described this passage as a "rebirth".
This afternoon Ommadawn is entered in the 3yo+ handicap (4.
Tracks range from the Muse, Cochise and Embers which recall, albeit briefly, two of his best albums Ommadawn and Incantations to the rockist Out Of Sight and B Blues, which both contain lashings of outrageously distorted electric guitar but do have the benefit of waking the listener up after what's gone before.
A bunch of pretty interesting three-year-olds lined up in the 1m4f handicap, in which James Fanshawe's Ommadawn was victorious to give Kerrin McEvoy an across-the-card treble following two afternoon wins at Salisbury.