Omnibus bill

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a large box in a theater, on a level with the stage and having communication with it.
- Thackeray.

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2]uHAN)- Greek parliament on Friday passed a second critical omnibus bill containing prior actions required by international lenders to unlock fresh bailout funding to the debt-laden country in coming weeks.
The result is that the major gaps on individual spending bills that so often disrupt appropriations negotiations largely do not exist; unless an omnibus bill is loaded down with unrelated policy items, it could stand a solid chance for passage.
According to reports, the six items comprising the omnibus bill are: a new personal insolvency law; an amendment to bankruptcy law; an amendment to the Companies Law, streamlining and speeding up liquidation; an addition to the Companies Law regulating viable businesses under examination; a debt restructuring scheme for viable businesses, placed under administration; and regulations governing the profession of insolvency consultants.
The use of an omnibus bill to make several minor legislation amendments allows the community and the assembly to better monitor the minor changes occurring within the planning, building and environment sphere," Minister Gentleman concluded.
Fiscal Alliance references was for a proposed amendment to one of the largest veterans' benefits omnibus bill requiring veterans to show their Social Security number before receiving benefits.
May 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Late last night, the Minnesota Legislature passed the Health and Human Services (HHS) Policy Omnibus Bill, which included a provision making Minnesota's foster homes smoke-free.
Elsewhere within the omnibus bill is language that would place a cap of no more than 50 federal employees attending international conferences.
Texas lawmakers are on track to approve an omnibus bill to strengthen regulations on abortion.
There is talk in Congress of another omnibus bill in the current session, and Wyden's Oregon Treasures bill and the Devil's Staircase proposal should be first in line if that happens.
O'Brien and Bosc (2009) state that an omnibus bill seeks to amend, repeal or enact several Acts, and is characterized by the fact that it has a number of related but separate "initiatives".
They were expressing their frustration on the legislation contained in the Conservative government's Omnibus Bill or Bill C45.
Bill C-45 or the Jobs and Growth Act is the second omnibus bill to be introduced by the federal government to further implement provisions of the March budget.
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