Omnibus bill

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a large box in a theater, on a level with the stage and having communication with it.
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In a statement released shortly after Congress completed its work on the omnibus bill, NLC President Cynthia McCollum, council member, Madison, Ala.
He also wrote a gang omnibus bill that would force the 12 bills to be voted on as one package.
The rot started with the infamous Omnibus Bill in 1969, which underhandedly foisted abortion, no-fault divorce, and special recognition for homosexual practices on a gullible public.
For the last five years, Congress has taken an Omnibus Bill approach to approving the budget.
Nuclear weapons programs fall under the Energy Department, and were thus included in the omnibus bill rather than the Defense Appropriations Bill, which was approved earlier in the year.
More than 20 bills were signed into law as the Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs Omnibus Bill.
Recent rumors have revealed that opponents of mandatory [labeling] believe an omnibus bill will provide them with the opportunity to repeal the law and replace it with a voluntary program," the letter said.
In politics this multi-point resolution would be called an omnibus bill, where the list of reasonable points are in fact the sweet coating for the bitter pill to be swallowed.
An omnibus bill is a bill that addresses a number of issues within a specific area -- in this case, education.
Legislative language dies hard in Washington, however, and some of Torricelli's wording on school pesticide restrictions can also be found within the environmental title of a massive omnibus bill called the Act to Leave No Child Behind.
The omnibus bill passed the House and the Senate in the last minutes of the last day of the session and went to the desk of pro-abortion Governor Jim Hodges.
These bills were later incorporated into an Omnibus bill called The Public Health Improvement Act of 2000, Title I of which represents the Public Health Threats and Emergencies Relief Act.
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