prop. n.1.(Zool.) A genus of fishes including the sockeye salmon; chinook salmon; and coho salmon.
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Chinook salmon is another popular salmon species, a native of the Pacific Ocean and belongs to the genus Onchorynchus.
Polyculture of the Pacific oyster, Crassostreagigas (Thurnberg), with Chinook salmon, Onchorynchus tshawytscha.
Fishes include northern leatherside (NLS), redside shiner (RSS, (Richardsonius balteatus), speckled dace (SPD, Rhinichthys osculus), longnose dace (LND, Rhinichthys cataractae), mountain sucker (MTS, Catostomus platyrhynchus), mottled sculpin (MSC, Cottus bairdi), and Bonneville cutthroat trout (BRC, Onchorynchus clarki utah).
Cyprinus carpio, Ictalurus punctatus and Oreochromis niloticus), while others were released directly into streams and rivers for sport fishing (the black bass, Micropterus salmoides, and the rainbow trout, Onchorynchus mykiss, particularly in streams of the basaltic plateau).
En estudios realizados en Onchorynchus mykiss y Channa punctatus, expuestos a concentraciones subletales de paraquat por periodos agudos, se demostro que la respuesta exhibida con respecto a su actividad antioxidante es organo-dependiente al comparar organos como higado y rinon (36, 38).
Calcium deposition and otoliths check formation during periods of stress in Coho salmon Onchorynchus kisutch.
Effect of replacement of fish meal with poultry by-product meal on growth performance in practical diets for rainbow trout, Onchorynchus Mykiss, Akdeniz Univ Zir Fak Dergisi, 17: 161-167.