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Noun1.Ondatra - muskratsOndatra - muskrats        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cricetidae, family Cricetidae - mostly small New World rodents including New World mice and lemmings and voles and hamsters
musquash, Ondatra zibethica, muskrat - beaver-like aquatic rodent of North America with dark glossy brown fur
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Small mammals at Perico Creek include Spermophilus, Geomys bursarius, Ondatra zibethicus, and Microtus, none of which is shared with the rockshelter in Cimarron County.
Although the species is not threatened, products such as musk zibata were formerly produced from the muskrat Ondatra zibethicus, which lives on the Louisiana marshlands.
1 4 36 Erithizon dorsatum Enhydra lutris 1 Phoca vitulina Vulpes vulpes Martes americana Lutra canadensis Ondatra zibethicus 5 Mustela vison 3 Sylvilagus bachmani Aplodontia rufa indeterminate large mammal 12 66 212 indeterminate medium mammal 7 12 indeterminate small mammal 7 Ptychocheilus oregonensis 36 Mylocheilus caurinus 12 Acrocheilus alutaceus Gila bicolor small Cyprinidae 59 indeterminate Cyprinidae 2 Catostomus macrocheilus 72 Cyprinidae/Catostomidae 2 54 23 Thaleichthys pacificus 1 Gasterosteus aculeatus 24 Acipenser sp.