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 (ō-nē′gə, ə-nyĕ′-), Lake
A lake of northwest Russia northeast of St. Petersburg between Lake Ladoga and the White Sea. It is the second-largest lake in Europe.


(Russian aˈnjɛɡə)
(Placename) a lake in NW Russia, mostly in the Karelian Republic: the second largest lake in Europe. Area: 9891 sq km (3819 sq miles)


(oʊˈnɛg ə)

Lake, a lake in the NW Russian Federation in Europe: second largest lake in Europe. 3764 sq. mi. (9750 sq. km).
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Noun1.Onega - lake in northwestern Russia near the border with Finland; second largest lake in Europe
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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Onega and Ganteau's collection of essays is a seminal composition, which offers a through exploration of trauma narratives.
Aun asi, esa era la noche de la cultura y los libros y entre los casi 900 invitados vimos a rostros tan conocidos como Manel Fuentes, el padre Angel, las periodistas Mara Torres, Sonsoles Onega y Maria Rey o Boris Izaguine.
Most specimens (including the holotype) were found at the Andoma Hill locality on the southeastern bank of Lake Onega in the Vytegra District, Vologda Region, NW Russia (Fig.
There are no straits, for instance, in the Northern Veps area formed on the shores of Lake Onega.
Kizhi Island located on Lake Onega in Karelia, which is well-known for its amazing culture and craftsmanship of the local Karelians;
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Since the unpredictable and ungraspable nature of trauma only allows for similarly elusive and indirect treatment, Onega and Ganteau advocate the "study of these narratives' ethical position from the perspective of the 'liminal ethics'" (10).
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After receiving the DCM for his determination during the fight for the city of Onega, located 90 miles west of Archangel, he raised in late 1918 the famous Dyer's Battalion in Russia, made of ex-Red army prisoners.
Tambien complementa la investigacion con entrevistas en profundidad a Rafael Anson, Fernando Onega, Eduardo Sotillos, Miguel Angel Gozalo, Pedro Erquicia, Carmen Sarmiento, Diego Carcedo y Juan Luis Cebrian, asi como con la consulta de casi trescientas obras de referencia.
Por otro lado, los articulos y las columnas de opinion firmada por los escritores en cadena, tales como Manuel Blanco Tobio, Fernando Onega, Demetrio Castro Villacanas o Carlos Rodriguez, entre otros (trabajadores de la Cadena de Prensa del Movimiento), eran algunas veces editorializados, y por tanto, asumidos por el periodico como opinion propia.
The Kievan Rus founded settlements along and around Lake Onega and Lake Ladoga where the local Slavic people were subject to raids of plunder along with benefitting from trade with the Nordic adventurers.