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n.1.The state of being at one or reconciled.
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Barnett Newman's Onement VI, the $44m top lot at Sotheby's New York's 14 May evening sale, for instance, changed hands for over $20m more than his Onement Vhad fetched the previous year.
painting, such as his own inaugural "zip" canvas, Onement I,
IT'Sinteresting to read comments about Wayne's temper,no- onement ions what caused him to react.
During the harsh Persian Gulf summer, with no major buildup of American forces initiated, the Bush administration effectively accepted postp onement of major military action until November 2002 at the earliest, after which the weather would be more favorable.
Strickland outlines the origins and does not attempt to offer a "history" per se, dating minimal painting from Barnett Newman's Onement I (1948), minimal music from Young's Trio for Strings (1956), and minimal sculpture from 1961 by a group of sculptors including Robert Morris and Donald Judd.
Another record was found for Barnett Newman's Onement V of 1952--an inky blue ground seared by a 'zip' of aquamarine--which again soared way over estimate, realising $22.
Under SMARTCymru, funding and support will be available for each phase of the new product development life cycle -from concept to commercialisation -coupled with a one-to- onement oring service.
No- onement ioned Billy Elliot to Daniel,'' says Jill.
Throughout his life, Newman destroyed much of what he made: A work had to wholly satisfy him or it was banished, especially after he had completed what he often called his "first" painting, Onement I, 1948.
Some groupings will be obvious: We will be able to see not only three of the Onements together (Onement I, 1948; III, 1949; and V, 1952) but also several related works in which a field is "declared" (Newman's favorite word) by a "zip" smack along the axis of symmetry: from the almost never shown End of Silence, 1949 (which is absolutely singular in its impastoed paint kneaded over the entire surface with a palette knife), to the second version of Be I, dating from 1970.
Perhaps the most telling case remains Onement 1, which looks so similar to Moment, painted two years before.
One month after he executed this drawing, Flavin, echoing Newman's Onement 1, 1948, took a quantum leap, creating his first work made from nothing but a single standard eight-foot yellow fluorescent tube.