n.1.Progress; advancement.
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Transcendental Transdisciplinarity inflects circularity with Onwardness, infusing life with thinking, thinking with life, and all by way of abandonment.
One of the breakthroughs that Clare makes in his mature sonnet-writing is the development of a sophisticated ability to write alternately with and against the grain of a line's metrical flow, creating movement within the sonnet that enjoys the pleasure of counterpointing resistance and abandonment to the onwardness of the verse.
See Porter Abbott, "The Trope of Onwardness," in Beckett Writing Beckett: The Author in the Autograph (Ithaca & London: Cornell University Press, 1996), 32-42.
8) Jonathan Levin was referring to Emerson's theory of individual growth when he wrote, "What matters is onwardness, a perpetual development designed to resist the 'mischievous tendency' to settle into a definitive form.
I love the fact that this Luigi Nono composition, "La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura," to which I'm listening, now, as I write, makes so little sense to my ear, makes so many different demands, is so decentralized, apparently disorganized, often sounding as if it were about to end, but then continuing to travel, finding a new pretext for onwardness, like the murmur of a crowd gathering to scapegoat but then disbanding, changing its mind.