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Noun1.Opel - German industrialist who was the first in Germany to use an assembly line in manufacturing automobiles (1871-1948)
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For the Opel Selfie Jump, PRG developed a system using 75 digital SLR cameras arranged in a semi-circle of 270 degrees, which was aligned with millimeter precision with the booth visitors in the center of the circle.
General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, is investing hundreds of millions more euros in its European subsidiary, Opel.
Neumann: We welcome Charlie Klein to the Opel Group top management team.
GM's European operations, consisting mainly of Opel and its UK sister brand Vauxhall, have lost more than $18 billion since 1999.
This is very positive news for both Opel and Liberty Automobiles.
An authorised dealer for Opel since 2002, the company recently unveiled the latest Opel models to a large crowd of car lovers, including VIPS and members of the press in its Dubai showroom, a statement from Liberty said.
Liberty Automobiles, which is also the Cadillac dealership, expects to sell the first Opel unit to a retail customer on February 23 itself.
Whiel the crisis in Europe's auto industry has seen Ford and Peugeot announce plans this year to each close a car plant, Opel would be the first carmaker to shutter a plant in Germany in decades.
With the Mokka which has been available to order since June, Opel is the first German manufacturer to enter the rapidly growing segment of sub-compact Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV-B segment).
During the last 10 years, GM's European unit has lost some $14 billion, according to the report, although those losses cannot be attributed solely to Opel because the unit also includes component manufacturing and the now-defunct and sold Saab.
The Opel Meriva is available in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and the Vauxhall Meriva in the UK.
The sources, who asked not to be identified, have said that selling Opel was not realistic, playing down reports by two German magazines that the sale option was being explored again.