open bar

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o′pen bar′

a bar at a reception that serves drinks paid for by the host, through an admission charge, etc. Compare cash bar.
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The next instant he was thrust inside, snarling his indignation and rage as he vainly flung himself at the open bars, while Del Mar was locking the stout door.
Grant, who led the way, turned into a field, through a pair of open bars, and entered a footpath, of but sufficient width to admit one person to walk in at a time.
Tickets are available at AaAaAeA@1/440 with open bar for the entire evenin Island bar reservation will also be available for groups of six Guabians and over.
110, includes a premium buffet, champagne toast at midnight and a three-hour open bar from 8 to 11 p.
For NYE, the hotspot will step 100 years into the future with futuristic bash that includes a VIP open bar, music by Bobby French and Beefowl and midnight champagne toast.
Tickets for the Ocean Club Grand Opening Party cost 200 euros (approx PS151) including a premium open bar and canapes (www.
Busy strip mall location with large open bar and about 197 seating capacity.
250 (Two hour premium open bar, VIP seating during event, 8x10 photo of you and the players, opportunity to have max two items signed)
Hosts can choose to set a dollar limit or time limit when the open bar is closed and guests will be asked to pay for their own drinks.
Any hotel, which has four star or above status with a capacity of more than 80 rooms can obey liquor license to open bar for 24 hours under Haryana's state excise and taxation law.