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Noun1.Ophioglossaceae - a family of succulent ferns of order Ophioglossales; cosmopolitan in distribution
Ophioglossales, order Ophioglossales - coextensive with the family Ophioglossaceae
genus Ophioglossum, Ophioglossum - the type genus of the fern family Ophioglossaceae
Botrychium, genus Botrychium - grape fern; moonwort
genus Helminthostachys, Helminthostachys - one species: terrestrial fern of southeastern Asia and Australia
fern family - families of ferns and fern allies
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Amplification of noncoding chloroplast DNA for phylogenetic studies in lycophytes and monilophytes with a comparative example of relative phylogenetic utility from Ophioglossaceae.
En el presente trabajo se adicionan 5 nuevas familias que no habian sido reportadas anteriormente: Ophioglossaceae (Ophioglossum crotalophoroides), Montiaceae (Montia fontana y Montiopsis cuminghii), Polygalaceae (Monnina sp.
Windham OPHIOGLOSSACEAE (Grapefern Family) Botrychium campestre W.
Subclase compuesta por dos ordenes, ambos con una familia de distribucion mundial, Psilotaceae y Ophioglossaceae, las dos presentes en nuestro pais y solamente la segunda en Mendoza.
Dryopteridaceae, the largest family, is represented by seven genera, nine species and one hybrid; Thelypteridaceae by three genera and seven species; Pteridaceae by three genera, six species and one variety; Ophioglossaceae by two genera and eight species; Lycopodiaceae by two genera, six species and three hybrids.