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(Bible) Bible a region, probably situated on the SW coast of Arabia on the Red Sea, renowned, esp in King Solomon's reign, for its gold and precious stones (I Kings 9:28; 10:10)


(ˈoʊ fər)

a country of uncertain location from which gold and precious stones and trees were brought for Solomon. I Kings 10:11.
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Possibly the severest struggle was waged on Ophir, the veriest of moose-pastures, whose low-grade dirt was valuable only because of its vastness.
In the Rinkabilly watershed, eighty miles away, he built his reservoir, and for eighty miles the huge wooden conduit carried the water across country to Ophir.
to get rid of his scattered holdings on the various creeks, and without thanks to any one he finished his conduit, built his dredges, imported his machinery, and made the gold of Ophir immediately accessible.
And when he let the word go out, the Guggenhammers vied with the English concerns and with a new French company in bidding for Ophir and all its plant.
Even great Ophir, with its thousand men on the pay-roll, closed down.
Mercedes uttered a cry which made the tears start from Monte Cristo's eyes; but these tears disappeared almost instantaneously, for, doubtless, God had sent some angel to collect them -- far more precious were they in his eyes than the richest pearls of Guzerat and Ophir.
Ay,' said Evans, 'but I will spin you a queerer yarn than that'; and he went on to tell me how he had found in the far interior a ruined city, which he believed to be the Ophir of the Bible, and, by the way, other more learned men have said the same long since poor Evans's time.
Nick Cooper, Chief Executive Officer, commented, 2017 saw Ophir take important steps to adapt and right-size the business, meet key operational targets and replenish our exploration portfolio.
As Ophir states in his contribution to this issue, research on Carlebach, and the parameters for assessing his place in history, depends heavily on scattered ephemera, large (sometimes private) archives of audio and video recordings, personal testimonies in a variety of forms, a growing body of published collections that preserve and develop Carlebach's ideas, and organized communities of followers who regularly collect, interact with, digitize, and expand on these materials.
Ophir is a very slow grower, taking about 20 years to reach 90cm.
A pair-bonded couple can crowd three litters of young into their roughly six to nine months of life in the wild, Ophir says.
The PSCs that have been acquired are West Papua IV, Aru, Kofiau and Halmahera-Kofiau, all of which will be operated by Ophir.