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 (ō-pôr′tō) also Por·to also Pôr·to (pôr′to͝o)
A city of northwest Portugal near the mouth of the Douro River north of Lisbon. Probably of pre-Roman origin, it was captured by the Moors in 716. Its wine trade was established in 1678.


(Placename) a port in NW Portugal, near the mouth of the Douro River: the second largest city in Portugal, famous for port wine (begun in 1678). Pop: 263 131 (2001). Portuguese name: Porto


(oʊˈpɔr toʊ, oʊˈpoʊr-)

a port in NW Portugal, near the mouth of the Douro River. 327,368. Portuguese, Pôrto.
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Noun1.Oporto - port city in northwest PortugalOporto - port city in northwest Portugal; noted for port wine
Portugal, Portuguese Republic - a republic in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; Portuguese explorers and colonists in the 15th and 16th centuries created a vast overseas empire (including Brazil)
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Jankauskas, preparing for tonight's semi-final clash with Lazio, said: "It would be great for the city of Oporto to have a derby as the final, but I would prefer to play Celtic.
ENDESA also has interests in two Portuguese gas distribution companies, Portgas and Setgas, supplying gas in Oporto and other 24 cities in the North of Portugal and in Setubal and other 9 cities in the South of the country, respectively.
Iker y Sara recibieron en Oporto a Irene, la hermana de la presentadora, que viajo acompanada por su novio, Adrian.
But I have read in Portugal that Mr Ferguson thinks Oporto is a little village and that the Portuguese league is not very competitive.
Fully owned and operated by PT, with headquarters in Aveiro, this company also operates regional poles in Oporto, Lisbon and a Brazilian subsidiary in Sao Paulo.
LA apacible vida de Sara Carbonero e Iker Casillas en Oporto se ha visto truncada por motivos deportivos pero que se han extendido a ambitos mas personales.
You'll visit Oporto, Cadiz, Gibraltar, Tangier, Lisbon, and Vigo.
The ramp itself, beside a shopping centre in Matosinhos, north of Oporto, is a graceful concrete structure with the external edge of the coils rendered white.
SATEC companies are located in cities throughout southern Europe and Morocco including Lisbon, Oporto, Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Seville, Bilbao and Rabat.
Por ello, tras pasar la primera parte de estas fiesta, Nochebuena y Navidad, en Corral de Almaguer (Toledo), el pueblo de Sara, la pareja y su hijo, Martin, pusieron rumbo a Oporto.
Tram 196 is a small four-wheel single decker, built in 1935 at the Boavista Works of Companhia Carris de Ferro do Porto (The Oporto Tramways Company, in Portugal) to an American design dating from 1909.
In Oporto, the site was less constricting than at Santiago de Compostela, so the building was able to have a more relaxed and almost Classical layout.