Organic compounds

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(Chem.) Chemical substances which are organic{5}. See Carbon compounds, under Carbon.

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On the other hand, I used to find Paul Tichlorne plunged as deeply into the study of light polarization, diffraction, and interference, single and double refraction, and all manner of strange organic compounds.
We don't know exactly how life began on Earth (or other planets), but most scientists believe that the presence of organic compounds was probably the first step.
Organic Compounds in Soils, Sediments & Sludges: Analysis and Determination
The Magothy aquifer, Nassau County's primary source of drinking water, has been contaminated by the volatile organic compounds.
The project will study the role of ozone and volatile organic compounds in affecting environment and health hazards.
The 1995 first edition was conceived as a companion to the sixth edition of the Dictionary of Organic Compounds, but was also available separately.
When two Viking landers visited Mars in 1976 and scooped up soil samples, scientists were surprised that the craft failed to unearth evidence of organic compounds.
Insoluble organic compounds in the soil are a "player in that whole picture that no one had recognized before.
2] and CO to make useful organic compounds such as fertilizers, without high pressure and temperature--a highly sought-after concept.
The conference will also include a technical session that focuses on the reduction of volatile organic compounds in PU processes for automotive and related industrial applications.
According to the EPA, Hillards Creek, a residential area near the facility, and the Gibbsboro Nature Preserve are contaminated with Lead, volatile organic compounds and semi-volatile organic compounds related to activities at the former plant.
Organic compounds routinely measured in indoor air only partially, if at all, explain irritation complaints by building occupants (Wolkoff and Nielsen 2001).