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Organisational culture is something like the personality of a company.
Manama, June 11 (BNA): As part of the ministry's keenness to serve the society by supporting blood donation campaigns in the Kingdom and helping patients in need for blood, a blood donation campaign was organised by the Organisational Culture Committee of the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs & Urban Planning, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health's Central Blood Bank.
Figure 2 depicts the direct relationships between independent variables, which consist of adhocracy culture and market orientation that are constructed as organisational culture.
MANAMA: A seminar to explain how organisational culture, commonly defined as "the way we do things around here", develops with or without conscious effort to become the DNA of every organisation, was organised by the Bahrain Association of Banks in partnership with 21st Century Consulting (21CC).
Open-door policy and organisational culture were the two most important elements for a healthy working atmosphere, it found.
Dynamics of performance measurement and organisational culture.
Key Words: Learning organisation theory, Learning public organisations, Organisational culture, Bureaucratic culture, Competitive culture, Participative culture, Learning culture
The objective of this study was to determine if organisational culture predicts turnover intentions of professional nurses.
The difference appears to be the result of an organisational culture of local decision-making, empowerment of staff and caring leadership.
How do you engage a workforce dispersed over nearly 8 million square kilometres, achieve a balance between "push and pull" communication methods and strive for an organisational culture change?
All of them examine employee perceptions and opinions about their working environment (the so-called "climate" of an organization) but only a few, such as the Competing Values Framework and the Organisational Culture Inventory, try to examine the values and beliefs that inform those views.
1928) pioneered the concept of corporate culture with his landmark book Organizational Culture and Leadership (1985), which sparked off much research into organisational culture.
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