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A former associate of Chhota Rajan, Dawood Ebrahim is the leader of the Indian organised crime syndicate D-Company founded in Mumbai.
The prosecution has claimed before the HC that "Pragya, Purohit and nine others were part of an organised crime syndicate and their involvement in at least two more cases prompted invocation of MCOCA".
ITALIAN authorities have carried out about 170 arrest warrants in a major crackdown on the 'ndrangheta, an organised crime syndicate in southern Italy which officials say has become deeply rooted in the business world in the north.
According to the authorities, Gardiner was recruited by an organised crime syndicate in Sydney.
Edge Hill university highflier Alex Foy, 22, was one of two men jailed yesterday for their roles in the organised crime syndicate.
They're nothing more than legislators who embrace the same organised crime syndicate.
Investigators say they have uncovered an organised crime syndicate based in Asia that is co-ordinating the operation, and has been able to operate for so long because players and officials alike have been too afraid to speak out.
Wainwright said at a Press conference in The Hague: "This is the work of a suspected organised crime syndicate based in Asia and operated with criminal networks around Europe.
TOKYO (TAP) - Japan's justice minister quit on Tuesday because of ill health, a cabinet official said, after calls for his resignation over past ties to an organised crime syndicate, dealing another blow to unpopular Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.
An organised crime syndicate known as the Sacred United Crown have been traditionally active there.
Much of the violence in the area is blamed on the Zetas, a brutal, well-trained group of former elite Mexican army commandos that the US government calls the most dangerous organised crime syndicate in Mexico.