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The belief or assumption that the meanings of a text are determined mainly by the stated or implied intentions of the author.

in·ten′tion·al·ist adj. & n.
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ACA International Leads a Growing Roster of Groups Claiming the Federal Communications Commission's Ruling is at Odds with the Original Intent of the Law
A three-judge panel of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals (COSA) heard arguments for and against an appeal brought by the family of a donor who had bequeathed property to Johns Hopkins University (JHU) and who say the university is not following the donor's original intent in regard to development plans.
We're making Original Intent available both by the single copy and in bulk.
Referrals to the original intent site will help get this important subject of cultural Marxism, as well as other important subjects, such as Christian values, out.
The original intent of the lotion was to decontaminate skin after exposure to chemical warfare agents and T-2 toxin.
NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer feels the appellate ruling upholds the law's original intent, noting that any attacker in retreat can easily turn and reinitiate the assault.
The Bush administration's regulations changed the meaning of TSRA policies and weakened the original intent to promote agriculture trade between the U.
The idea of this Gaia became mingled with then-trendy New Age-type beliefs, but that does not seem to be the researchers' original intent.
Caught in a blur of vibrant color, Toward Totem, on this month's cover, seems a mirage of its original intent.
109-284 clarifies the original intent of a 1996 law (EL.
Despite the original intent of the system to step in to pay "everyday" insured losses, increased competition on the commercial side of the property/casualty industry has given rise to some large commercial insolvencies that consume a larger and larger share of guaranty association capacity.
The passage and enactment into law of this legislation clarifies the original intent of a 1996 law that prohibits states from taxing nonresident employees' retirement income.