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The theory that the US Constitution should be interpreted based on the intent of its authors, as determined by examining evidence of their understanding of the meaning of its wording in its historical context.

o·rig′i·nal·ist adj. & n.
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Noun1.originalism - the belief that the United States Constitution should be interpreted in the way the authors originally intended it
belief - any cognitive content held as true
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Although this volume is not the first book-length monograph on the theology of Jon Sobrino, it is the first study of this quality to offer an original interpretation of the Salvadoran Jesuit, one of the most prolific and influential Catholic theologians of his generation and the most important commentator on the witness of Archbishop Romero.
Yoneda, who earned a 3-star Michelin rating in 2009, has risen rapidly to international recognition for his unique and original interpretation of gastronomic tradition.
He and he alone would represent the original interpretation on the Supreme Court.
The culmination of his massive four-volume series tracing the Enlightenment from Baruch Spinoza through the end of the eighteenth century, Jonathan Israel offers a characteristically ambitious and original interpretation of the French Revolution certain to spark widespread debate.
I am probably straying somewhat from the original interpretation of the dog that didn't bark, but I have recently been describing the low levels of activity as just that.
The author's original interpretation argues that the system was based on personal rather than territorial associations.
The author argues for an original interpretation according to which practical truth is the truth about what is unqualifiedly good for a particular person when all of his particular circumstances are taken into account.
Polish dance and theater company Baltic Dance Theater, on the other hand, will perform an original interpretation of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," choreographed by Izadora Weiss and with music by Goran Bregovic.
Overall, Humbug was a creative and original interpretation of a classic story, filled with political satire and dark humour.
Earlier this year, the makers of Folgers Coffee and multi-platinum recording artist Gavin DeGraw teamed up to invite aspiring musicians to submit an original interpretation of the classic Best Part of Wakin' Up jingle.
Of those minor discrepancies, the WSI review diagnosis was better than the original interpretation in 14 parts (2.
The 15-year-old Pink Floyd tribute band comfortably takes the back seat Saturday and Sunday as the ballet brings back to the Hult Center its original interpretation of the classic album: "Dark Side of the Moon.