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a.1.(Geol.) Designating, or pertaining to, certain beds, chiefly limestone, characteristic of the latest period of the Silurian age.
Oriskany period
a subdivision of the American Paleozoic system intermediate or transitional in character between the Silurian and Devonian ages. See Chart of Geology.
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The best bet is heading to Rusty's Ridge, the Oriskany, or Timber Holes for some hot early season king mackerel action and possibly even a blackfin tuna.
Navy as a communications officer aboard the Aircraft Carrier the USS Oriskany.
Stockdale to the pilots of Carrier Air Wing 16 aboard USS Oriskany, at sea en route to the Gulf of Tonkin, on April 29, 1965, one week before they entered combat.
Additional centres will soon open in Oriskany, NY and Singapore.
Undistinguished as a young man for his war record during the American Revolution, he fled from the field at the battle of Oriskany in 1777, and early in the Cherry Valley campaign of 1778 he left the Indian Loyalist force, complaining it was too late in the year to fight.
Searching for anyone who served with me on the USS Oriskany (CVA-34), 1960-61,2nd Division Gun Crew, Mount 52 and 54 General Quarters and Air Defense.
In Port Oriskany they'd met, at the Niagara Inn, Rowan Billiet
Fireman's Field, Rte 12B/26, Oriskany Falls, NY 13425.
Saturday unfolded with displays by various organizations and individuals: the Bay of Quinte Branch UELAC, Quinte Branch OGS, 7th Town Historical Society, the Oriskany Alliance, Adolphustown-Fredericksburgh Heritage Society, Old Hay Bay Church, and researchers/publishers, Linda Corupe and Sherrell Branton Leetooze.
Geological Survey recognizes the use of the name Oriskany as both a group and a formation of middle Early Devonian age, The Oriskany Group Includes the Esopus Formation at the top and the Port Ewen Formation at the base, and where the undifferentiated deposits of Oriskany age are chiefly or wholly sandstone, the term Oriskany Sandstone is applied (Wilmarth, 1938).
9-13 The Grantsmanship Training Program of The Grantsmanship Center will be held in Oriskany, N.
A private committal service will be held at the convenience of the family at Hillside Cemetery in Oriskany Falls, NY.