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Orthognathic surgery will be offered in line with policy.
The conference will feature top-notch international and local experts who will discuss the latest trends and state-of-the-art technologies in dental implant, bone grafting, orthognathic surgery, mandibular reconstruction and cleft lip and palate.
Evaluation of presence of the RMC is of great importance and clinicans should be aware of RMC and this anatomical variance should be taken into consideration while planning surgery in retromolar area such as third molar extraction, orthognathic surgery or installation of osseointegrated implants.
Exclusion Criteria: Previous orthodontic / Orthognathic treatment, craniofacial syndromes and patients with TMJ problems.
With the addition of personalized Titanium 3D-Printed Implants, DePuy Synthes is now able to offer TRUMATCH Orthognathics, a personalized total solution for orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery) as well as Titanium 3D-Printed Implants for other facial reconstruction applications.
The characteristics of the stomatognathic system are studied in the three articles of the Orofacial Motricity area, whether reporting temporomandibular dysfunction in Parkinson's disease, performing morphofunctional analysis in totally edentulous subjects or studying the quality of life after the orthognathic surgery.
Objective: To evaluate the influence on the perception of social characteristics after orthognathic treatment for the correction of Class II malocclusion.
Part 2 is devoted to stability and relapse of types of treatment such as Class II malocclusion treatment, anterior open bite treatment, transverse dimension orthodontic changes, and orthognathic surgery.
The parameters identified must be considered in the decision-making process for fracture treatment and orthognathic surgery, such as whether to perform a mandibular angle sagittal split osteotomy, or sagittal split ramus osteotomy, and mandibular angle osteotomy.
Compared to conventional orthognathic surgery, this technique provides better results in terms of maxilla movement and risk of recurrence.