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or or·tho·logue  (ôr′thə-lôg′, -lŏg′)
A homologous gene that is related to those in different organisms by descent from the DNA of a common ancestor and that may or may not have the same function.

[Back-formation from orthologous : ortho- + (homo)logous.]

or·thol′o·gous (-thŏl′ə-gəs) adj.
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CHEK2 is located on chromosome 22q and encodes the human ortholog of yeast Cds1 and Rad53, which are [G.
The recessive wheat gene and its barley ortholog (Ppd-H1), which is dominant, cause daylength sensitivity and late flowering.
a (30,31) (a possible ortholog of vertebrate GATA4, GATA5, and GATA6; the original name was Gata-a), and the Zic-like protein Macho-1/Zic-r.
Isolation of a CONSTANS ortholog from Pharbitis nil and its role in flowering.
Identification of a protein ortholog for a known chemical molecular target can be used to infer possible effects, especially where an AOP exists.
The tree suggests that the Sn-AIF-I gene is an ortholog of an AIF gene sequence already described for the purple sea urchin (Nair et al.
25) Deletion of chromosome 14 extending from the q24 to q31 band encompasses additional candidate genes involved in tumorigenesis, including SEL1L (the human ortholog of the C elegans sel-1 suppressor enhancer of lin-12), CHES1 (checkpoint suppressor 1), and MAP3K9 (mitogen activated protein kinase kinase kinase 9) genes.
In addition, the annotation file supplied with the mouse microarray provides pre-computed human-mouse ortholog pairs for each gene when available.
A three-dimensional reconstruction of the basal sarcopterygian coelacanth Aqp4 channel, based upon the structure mask of the crystallographically resolved human AQP4 ortholog (Protein Data Bank 3GD8), shows that this arrangement is evolutionarily conserved (Fig.