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 (ŏz′bərn, -bôrn′), John James 1929-1994.
British playwright and member of the Angry Young Men who is best known for his play Look Back in Anger (1956).


(ˈɒzbən; -ˌbɔːn)
1. (Biography) George (Gideon Oliver). born 1971, British Conservative politician; Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010
2. (Biography) John (James). 1929–94, British dramatist. His plays include Look Back in Anger (1956), containing the prototype of the angry young man, Jimmy Porter, The Entertainer (1957), and Inadmissible Evidence (1964)


(ˈɒz bərn, -bɔrn, -boʊrn)

1. John (James), 1929–94, English playwright.
2. Thomas Mott, 1859–1926, U.S. prison reformer.
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Noun1.Osborne - English playwright (1929-1994)
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Here was Philip Herbert, described by Francis Osborne, in his Memoires on the Reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James, as one who was "caressed by the Court for his handsome face, which kept him not long company.
Osborne, two gentlemen well known for scientific acquirement, and especially for the interest they have exhibited in the progress of ærostation.
Osborne complained of constriction of the chest - but this soon wore off.
Osbornes telescope made it out something like "Atalanta.
James Osborne, the youthful cashier, feigned complete paralysis.
There'll be the Morrises and the Crashaws, and Dick Osborne, and Septimus, and all that set.
The generosity of Sophia's temper construed this behaviour of Jones into great bravery; and it made a deep impression on her heart: for certain it is, that there is no one quality which so generally recommends men to women as this; proceeding, if we believe the common opinion, from that natural timidity of the sex, which is, says Mr Osborne, "so great, that a woman is the most cowardly of all the creatures God ever made;"--a sentiment more remarkable for its bluntness than for its truth.
Amelia had better write a note," said her father; "and let George Osborne see what a beautiful handwriting we have brought back from Miss Pinkerton's.
For on the evening appointed for the Vauxhall party, George Osborne having come to dinner, and the elders of the house having departed, according to invitation, to dine with Alderman Balls at Highbury Barn, there came on such a thunder-storm as only happens on Vauxhall nights, and as obliged the young people, perforce, to remain at home.
said George Osborne, "you who are so clever an artist, you must make a grand historical picture of the scene of the boots.
George Osborne looked at the two young women with a touched curiosity; and Joseph Sedley heaved something very like a sigh out of his big chest, as he cast his eyes down towards his favourite Hessian boots.
Osborne (though she knew she was telling a fib), "had you heard Rebecca first.