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Noun1.Oscar Wilde - Irish writer and wit (1854-1900)Oscar Wilde - Irish writer and wit (1854-1900)  
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He set up his Performance Lab - Scotland's only Onnitaffiliated gym and supplier - nine months ago and works there with coaches Gwen McGonigle and Oscar Wild.
The Sherlock Holmes de Sir Arthur Couan Doyle, Brothers Grim de Oscar Wild, The Complete Novels of James Joyce, et autres, fascinent grands et petits.
Most of the content of the book covers the translation of English literature of renowned and eminent writers such as Robert Acumen, William Samson, Ambrose Bares, Jon Ache and Oscar Wild, said an official of NBF.
Eliot, Arthur Miller, Edmond Rostand, Henrick Ibsen, Wolfgange von Goethe, Wilkie Collins, Oscar Wild, Bertolt Brecht, Eugene OAENeill, August Wilson, George Bernard Shaw, Lorraine Hansberry, Oliver Goldsmith, Luigi Pirandello, Susan Glaspell, Anton Checkov, Ben Jonson, and Samuel Beckett are considered.