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n. pl.1.(Bot.) Same as Oscillaria.
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Among the toxins produced by cyanobacteria, the microcystins have been the most commonly found in blooms around the world, and they are produced by several cyanobacterial genera such as Microcystis, Anabaena, Nodularia, Oscillatoria, Nostoc, Cylindrospermopsis, Aphanizomenon, Planktothrix, Anabaenopsis, Synechocystis, Lyngbya, and others (Siqueira & Oliveira-Filho, 2005; Bortoli & Pinto, 2015).
6 Oscillatoria subbrevis Anabaena fertilissima Nostoc carneum Microcystis elegans Sprirulina major Diatoms 113 27.
El tapete IV, epilitico, verde y negro, presenta Chromatium, Oscillatoria, Chloroflexus, Chloroflexus, Rhodomicrobium.
Mubarak Ali D, Sasikala M, Gunasekaran M, Thajuddin N (2011) Biosynthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using marine cyanobacterium, oscillatoria willei ntdm01.
Acid Black 1 as a nitrogen source by the marine cyanobacterium Oscillatoria curviceps BDU92191.
Asi, en los sitios cercanos (rio abajo) de la descarga directa del efluente del proyecto "MESIAS" (P3 y P4) se presentaron especies tolerantes a la alta polucion organica tales como Navicula tripunctata (Licursi & Gomez, 2003) y Oscillatoria sp.
Several genera of cyanobacteria, such as Microcystis, Anabaena, and Oscillatoria produce a family of microcystins of at least 50 tumor-promoting hepatotoxins [6, 10, 21].
One of the most common cyanotoxins found in eutrophic systems is microcystin, a hepatotoxin produced by certain genera of cyanobacteria such as Microcystis, Anabaena, Oscillatoria and Nostoc.
Their topics include challenges for thermophilic biohydrogen production at the industrial scale, challenges to and opportunities for microbial fuel cells, potentials of Oscillatoria annae in producing bioethanol by degrading selected lignocellulosics, challenges and strategies in harnessing the potential of lignocellulosic biofuels, the effect of antioxidants on the long-term storage stability and oxidation stability of Pongamia pinnata and Jatropha cursus biodiesel, and the effect of fungal biotic stress on the physic nut.
While density of Navicula was highest in both main channel and tributaries, Oscillatoria was exclusively densest in the main channel as Fragilaria was to the tributaries.