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Maintenance of an optimal, constant osmotic pressure in the body of a living organism.

os′mo·reg′u·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.


(Zoology) zoology the adjustment of the osmotic pressure of a cell or organism in relation to the surrounding fluid
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Furthermore, it acts as osmoregulator, playing an essential role in water saving, cell turgor, carbohydrate transport and respiration (Shimazaki et al.
Despite being widely studied, osmoregulator accumulation and their physiological role in plants submitted to saline stress is paradoxically little understood and quite a controversial phenomenon due to different results found in the literature.
Although the Hawaiian anchialine atyid Halocaridina rubra is a strong osmoregulator, its larvae have never been observed in nature.
This blend of electrolytes and amino acids apparently act as an osmoregulator to ensure proper cellular hydration for optimal cellular function (Fumarola et al.
Biofilm formation is regulated by numerous regulators, including the two-component osmoregulator EnvZ/OmpR and the global regulator FlhD/FlhC.
rivulatus is a strong osmoregulator that shows no significant variation in blood osmolality when reared in seawaters ranging from 10 ppt to 45 ppt.
NAA is an acetyl donor and possibly as an osmoregulator of the nerve cell (28) and is believed to be a marker of neuronal density, whereas NAAG is the most abundant peptide neurotransmitter in the human brain (27).
The only macroelement not found in organic molecules is potassium and its function is thought to be primarily as a co-factor, or chemical helper in enzymatic reactions, and as an osmoregulator.
So, this is another evidence that this carbohydrate has more importance as storage compound than as osmoregulator, in maize seeds germinating under stress conditions.