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n.1.(Eccl.) The showing of the sacrament on the altar in order that it may receive the adoration of the communicants.
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We hypothesize that joint action exploits forms of ostension found at the second level, and that ostensive communication draws on forms of coordination found at the first level.
13) Ostension defines an experience that stretches duration and disrupts the rule of consciousness, thus opening "our awareness to something that may be more primary or even essentially other to it.
Ostension is one of the various ways of signifying, consisting in de-realizing a given object in order to make it stand for an entire class" (Eco 110, emphasis original).
Here the object may be named by ostension, or the reference of the name may be fixed by a description.
Similarly, Searle acknowledged that ostension, by virtue of the intentions of a pointer, fits the descriptivist thesis.
immediacy of pure ostension, such narratives nevertheless do not seek
Retired from university teaching in 2006, he argues that an indeterminate text like Ulysses risks forfeiting any clear ostension of meaning, whether through content or expressive form.
As collective nouns have only been introduced by ostension until now, perhaps some further elucidation is in order.
s argument draws on the theory of direct reference associated with Saul Kripke and Hilary Putnam whereby words serve as rigid designators through ostension.
Structure and ostension in the interpretation of discourse deixis.
by "pointing at" the individual (Ghiselin, 1974, 1995; Hull, 1976, 1978; Frost & Kluge, 1994), In the case of reference by ostension, the extension is trivial--it corresponds to the actual individual being pointed at.
At the same time, the theater as a thick semiotic context semioticizes every element of the stage, and the idea of representation is brought into the focus of attention by the ostension of the sign and the thematization of presence.