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Noun1.Ostrea - type genus of the family OstreidaeOstrea - type genus of the family Ostreidae  
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
blue point, bluepoint - small edible oyster typically from the southern shore of Long Island
Japanese oyster, Ostrea gigas - a large oyster native to Japan and introduced along the Pacific coast of the United States; a candidate for introduction in Chesapeake Bay
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As recorded in many published phylogenic trees for oysters, the genus Crassostrea is monophyletic at a level of divergence comparable to the genera Ostrea, Saccostrea, and Striostrea.
Similar results were obtained for Ostrea edulis anesthetized with urethane and menthol; namely, lower concentrations were more effective (CULLOTY & MULCAHY, 1992).
Contract award notice: Establish Production Capability and Optimal Culture Conditions for Hatchery Production of Native Oysters, Ostrea edulis and King Scallops, Pecten maximus, in Ireland.
Kennedy R, Roberts D (1999) A survey of the current status of the flat oyster Ostrea edulis in Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, with a view to the restoration of its oyster beds.
In February 2016, a specimen of Ostrea cf puelchana (in vivo) was found cemented to the carapace of a crab of the species Callinectes exasperatus (Gerstaecker, 1856).
The oyster was collected by Veatch and Stephenson in 1911 as Ostrea gigantissima and later renamed Crassostrea gigantissima as explained above.
Comparative growth, survival and condition index of flat oyster, Ostrea edulis (Linnaeus 1758) in Mersin Bay, Aegean Sea, Turkey.
The Ostrea lurida, fondly nicknamed "Oly," is the only oyster indigenous to the chilly waters of America's west coast.
glomerata Ostrea nomades and Saccostrea cucullata were collected from three sites: Buleji of Sindh coast; Hub and Jiwani of Balochistan coast Pakistan.
gigas and Ostrea edulis (Linnaeus, 1758) become mature earlier than the females.