Ostrich farming

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the occupation of breeding ostriches for the sake of their feathers, etc.

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You can add those scams to marginally less exotic 'investment opportunities' presented in the past such as ostrich farming and landbanking in the UK.
Today s action marks the next step in this effort by targeting Hugo Cuellar Hurtado, who poses as a businessman involved in enterprises ranging from ostrich farming to pawn shops.
With so many heads in the sand about this issue, people might be forgiven for thinking ostrich farming will one day become lucrative.
The company is a pioneer in the ostrich farming industry in Pakistan.
Both the organizations also agreed to help farmers in managing every stage of ostrich farming from chick rearing, breeding, hatching and brooding.
Ostrich farming apparently started opportunistically in the Klein Karoo as long ago as 1864 after a huge drought killed off most of the crops, according to our tour guide at one such establishment.
His entrance into ostrich farming came through a friend who attended an agricultural fair and returned with tales of the giant birds and their eggs.
2) Ostrich farming is expanding worldwide, and the past 2 decades have witnessed the introduction of ostrich farming in many countries.
Ostrich oil, a by-product of ostrich farming, is the primary ingredient in an entire range of cosmetics, manufactured in Belgium and now being sold exclusively in the UK from Meltham.
In 1940, Lebyl Feldman, a South-African Yiddish writer, penned an elegy to Oudtshoorn, the South African ostrich farming center known as the "Jerusalem of Africa," where Jews served a new God, the ostrich (xii).
Animal husbandry and agriculture are being some potential fields of investment in Iran and ostrich farming has become one of the most potential and beneficial activity in the country.
Ostrich farming is still going strong in South Africa, and has recently taken off in the U.