Otto I

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Ot·to I

 (ŏt′ō, ôt′ō) also O·tho I (ō′thō, ō′tō) Known as "Otto the Great." 912-973.
King of Germany (936-973) and first Holy Roman emperor (962-973). He brought Italy and Burgundy under German control.

Otto I

(ˈɒtəʊ) or

Otho I

(Biography) called the Great. 912–73 ad, king of Germany (936–73); Holy Roman Emperor (962–73)

Otto I

( “the Great” ) A.D. 912–973, king of the Germans 936–973; emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 962–973.
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Noun1.Otto I - King of the Germans and Holy Roman Emperor (912-973)
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Without Otto I would have been running after Tommy and going out as a family was very challenging.
14) Mathilda, Otto I's daughter, became abbess of Quedlinburg when she was just eleven, while her cousin, Gerberga II (niece of Otto I and daughter of Henry, duke of Bavaria), joined Gandersheim at an equally early age.
Holy Roman Emperor Otto I wanted a Byzantine princess for his son, Otto II.
What Otto is seeing today in terms of antiscience rhetoric, he says, alarms him.
Otto is pleased to announce it has now executed a superior sale and purchase agreement with Nido Petroleum to divest GPC for $108m A$130m on the same terms and conditions as the Risco, Otto further added.