Ottoman dynasty

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Noun1.Ottoman dynasty - the Turkish dynasty that ruled the Ottoman Empire from the 13th century to its dissolution after World War I
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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Born on February 4, 1921, Princess Neslishah Osmanoglu, the granddaughter of the last Ottoman sultan, Vahideddin, and the last caliph, Abdulmecid Effendi, was the last Ottoman princess whose name was recorded in the register of the Ottoman dynasty before Ottoman rule was abolished on Nov.
The coins date back to the Ottoman Dynasty period (1299-1922) and Muhammad Ali Pasha's dynasty's reign period (1805 -- 1952).
With enchanting night cruises on the Bosphorus, exquisite palaces which once housed the great Sultans of the Ottoman dynasty, magnificent mosques offering peace and solace, timeless bazaars to lose yourself, fashion that can take over the world, scrumptious food you can crave for ever, and a culture which blends the east and the west, Istanbul offers visitors opportunities which they can't let go.
The Ottoman dynasty assumed the title of caliphate from the early 16th century, but the designation was later dropped by the secular Turkish Republic in 1924.
Among the most influential dynasties in the development of Arabic calligraphy were the Abbasid Dynasty (758-1258 AD), the Safavic Dynasty (1502-1736 AD) developed in Persia and the Ottoman Dynasty (1444-1923 AD).
Erdogan also denied reports that ISIS militants were on the verge of attacking the tomb of Suleiman Shah -- the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman dynasty Osman I -- which is located inside Syria.
In addition to public communications, Czarist Empire and Ottoman dynasty established many contacts between the parties which were often defined as hostile relations.
This state is the result of military (often marauding) campaigns of some Turkish tribes, who in search for booties found foothold in Anatolia and eventually in amalgamation with more sedentary people of East Aegean founded the Ottoman dynasty.
The original manuscripts of journals that were printed in 1860 and maps from the private collection of Prince Youssef Kamal, a descendant of Mohamed Ali of the Ottoman dynasty, were also destroyed in the fire.
A funeral ceremony was being held Tuesday for the princess, who was the oldest member of the Ottoman dynasty.
These include the original manuscripts of journals that were printed in 1860s as well as maps from the private collection of Prince Youssef Kamal, a descendant of Mohamed Ali of the Ottoman dynasty.
Despite the cold and calculating image of Selimus, the Elizabethan play has some depth and sympathy in the discussion of the Ottoman dynasty under Emperor Baiazet, invoking the audience's pity for the good, albeit ineffectual king.