v. t.1.To overpower by disdain; to outface.
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Not every organization has millions of dollars to spend on expensive free agents, so you have to try to outscout your opponents.
Out here, blue-collar bowhunters can still experience top-notch elk hunting--if they are willing to put in the time and effort to outstudy, outscout and outwork other bowhunters.
ALBION boss Tony Mowbray admits he will be trying to outscout the likes of Manchester United when it comes to finding the Premier League's next superstar.
The BSA's statement that the issue is too complex and that they need more input is complete rubbish," said John McKinnon, founder of OutScouts.
And they supported our efforts by joining OutScouts.
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We are elated that this discriminatory chapter in American history has finally come to an end," said John McKinnon, founder of OutScouts.